Techie stuff – implementation

How this history web page works.

1.      Web page creation is done using Word. This way a set of folders can be transferred and uploaded to wherever the host space is. No need to learn Wordpress or whatever. However there are no tabs or gizmos.

2.      Hosting is currently on Paul Tofts’ space This is hosted by 1and1, and uploads are with FileZilla. There is a link to this from BSC website.

3.      On memsail there are links to the current, next and last history folders and their included websites; the current folder is updated by renaming in FileZilla (first rename current to last, then next to current).

4.      The original master files (.html, read and edited by Word) are on Paul’s PC and also on his NAS backup device.


How to make a Gallery

1.      Use jAlbum (30 free trial, about to buy); this creates a local album, which can be uploaded to my web space

2.      Empty project, add images as copies

3.      Settings, pages: link to original (to keep original images sizes; otherwise will be scaled down which could be ok)

4.      See output file name, album name

5.      Make album: this ‘preprocesses’ then ‘making’ often takes a few minutes

6.      Album is produced with slides inside (check their resolution)

7.      Copy the album (which contains the index file) to webspace; may not need the whole  folder in the level above ‘album’

8.      Set link to album from somewhere


Historic material: this can be of several kinds:

1.      Image file (may be from an archive which can be referenced, or created by an amateur, who should be credited)

2.      Text (from an archive, then reference it, with a link if possible) or from a person (then it’s really just their opinion)

3.      Thus the reliability of various items is variable, depending on ..., and this should be made clear in the referencing

Organising the Word files: still to sort:

1.      Better way to wrap text around figures? And to keep captions attached to figures. (lots in internet, ?better with a new Word)

Resources are contributed by various members:

1.      Jim Parrot visits the Keep

2.      JP’s email statements + more whatsapp eg arch numbers

3.      Dave Flynn looks for pics on the web, and puts on whatsapp

4.      Paul will be interviewing Old People, and inviting them to contribute pics

a.      Jane wife of Graham  joined age 15

b.      Roger Barnacle

c.      Graham

d.      Brian Roussel

e.      Simon Matthew

f.       Ross (and 2 friends: Barry Field..., Roy?)

g.      Nick Driver? (he knows all these people)

h.      Jim Parrot

i.       James Chapman

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Paul Tofts May 7th 2021